The Art of the Book Proposal: From Focused Idea to Finished Proposal

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Well done picking up your fitness book again. I hear you about those distractions. Wishing you success with your writing endeavors.

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It is easier to work in winter than in summer, I find. February 8, at Congratulations on getting one step further. I think is great that you can share the process here and help others who want to go down this route. Hello Gilda! Thank you for your enthusiasm about my title and this post.

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Have a wonderful weekend. Bravo, Liesbet! I am so happy for you to have compiled a book proposal. I have yet to tangle with that. And so definitely with you when you say, you are so ready to be done with this manuscript.

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All the best to you! Such a weight on our shoulders, Victoria, that memoir. But, we both keep plugging away at it and one day soon it WILL be finished and we will be proud of ourselves, and we will be able to look back at our long road to success. If you ever have any questions about the book proposal when you are ready for it, let me know.

Hi, Liesbet — You are definitely on the road to success. Brrrr, it looks cold there! Close to freezing here at night and rain compared to that deluge we encountered on Vancouver Island this past fall. We even had to deal with a leak again.

See, your area and the desert do have some things in common. February 11, at Wow, that sounds so overwhelming!

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Congrats on completing the proposal. So much to think about!!

The Importance of the Book Proposal

Plz more, Tim. And, I think for a lot authors, that might be the thought process. How could we make absolutely certain? It was in the original post, but cut for length. We forget how powerful that is especially when all those social media tools are so easily available today.

I LOVE the name. Good luck…. February 12, at Hi Lucy! Thanks for swinging by and commenting. It appears that the road to writing a book and publishing it is a long one. Even longer than I anticipated. In many ways it makes more sense to self-publish more freedom, bigger cut, you have to promote either way , but there is still some attraction to going the traditional route. Yikes, right? I admire your dedication to writing. Did you enjoy doing the book proposal? It seems like it was a lot of work but also seems very tidy and organized which I think would be satisfying. Hi Duwan!

Writing while on the road or the water is almost impossible. During those years there was no way I could have written a book!

The Art of the Book Proposal

During our eight years on Irie, I took notes about some thoughts and experiences, wrote about one blog a month, and my diary every day as usual, and articles to make some money. One of the reasons we quit the boat life was to run our business more effectively and write my book. For that, we needed house sits nd unlimited WiFi, electricity and time. But, it was certainly more fun than writing the business prospectus for The Wirie the year before! Not ideal, as one prefers to write when inspiration strikes.

How to Write a Non Fiction Proposal

Welcome back, Jo! And thank you for the kind words and believing in me as an author. The good thing is that I had time to do all this instead of working a normal job. Good for you for finishing it—it sounds like the kind of thing that would give me nightmares, like a communications strategy. Or PTSD.

The trad books have done way better so far, as I need to learn how to market books rather than museum exhibits and the like. Creating the chapter summaries and copying the first two chapters were the most fun. Whether you know it or not, you are such a great example for me, JH. Not easy to do.

February 13, at Liesbet, it was really interesting to read about the book proposal process. You wrote your description of it so clearly. I think my process will be different, seeing as I am trying to find an agent for a novel. Although I have started to immerse myself in information about how to write a query letter, how to identify potential agents, and how to pitch my book, I know that before proceeding with all that, I will need to work on revising the first draft. The first draft is actually fairly polished because I revised and edited as I wrote. But it definitely still needs developmental editing, and I am waiting to get feedback from my beta readers before I start in on that although I have made notes.

Thinking about revisions has brought me closer to my own book and helped me to see structural and thematic aspects in it that were opaque to me while I was writing it.

Hi, I’m Jeff. Can I send you something?

February 14, at Winter is good for that. With fiction, I believe you only need a query letter.

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And, the finished novel. But some agents might require you to fill out their form online, which might ask for other details or sections of your book. That is invaluable information! February 15, at I am delighted to see you so focused and am seriously impressed with your accomplishments to date.

I have no doubt that you have a published book in your future. You could almost write the book on writing and proposing the book at this point Is the polar vortex continuing to make life uncomfortable or has the weather improved since you wrote this? February 18, at Haha, Lisa. But, there are certainly a lot of things I could and want to write about. In a next life. Still cool where we are in SoCal of all places , Lisa.