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It took a few seconds for me to realize that it was probably just somebody needing Daddy, somebody with sickness in the family or a baby on the way. Not everybody had a telephone, especially out in the country, so it wasn't unusual for folks to come by the house at all hours.

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Daddy was hurrying down the hall to the stairs, the floorboards creaking under his feet. Soon the pounding stopped, and I heard a man's voice, gruff with worry, and then my daddy speaking in that calm, steady way of his. My eyes were beginning to adjust to the dark. I could make out the window at the foot of my bed and a square of night sky that was lighter than the blackness in my room. I was staring out the window, waiting for Daddy to come back upstairs, when all of a sudden something on the other side of the glass moved. Well, I jerked back like I'd just met up with the boogeyman and was fixing to hop out of bed and go running for my daddy, but I held still long enough to take another peek.

And what I saw was the shadowy outline of a head and shoulders pressed against the panes. Somebody was out on that roof, hunkered down so he wouldn't be seen. A thief, most likely, intending to break into the house till he heard the commotion downstairs.


And now he was just biding his time, waiting for things to get quiet again. I'd never heard of a house being robbed around these parts. Kids might raid a watermelon patch or make off with a few eggs from somebody's chicken coop, but we'd never had what you'd call an honest-to-goodness crime spree in Lenore, at least not that I could recall.

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And then it came to me. There was only one person in town who made a habit of coming and going at night by way of an upstairs window when there were perfectly good doors he could have used. Leo, I thought, and let out the breath I'd been holding in. It was Leo who had shown me how we could go across the roof to the open sunporch outside Mother and Daddy's room and take the porch stairs down to the yard at night to play our tricks.

Like the time we dressed up old Mr. Jackson's scarecrow in our grandmother's underwear, and a month later folks were still asking him how his girlfriend was doing. Or that Christmas when Leo and I sneaked over to the manger scene they'd set up in front of Sacred Heart and replaced the baby Jesus with a smoked ham. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 6.

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Buy As Gift. Overview A heartwarming family story set during the Depression that reads like a classic. Everyone's been down on their luck since the Depression hit. But as long as Mary Bayliss Pettigrew has her beloved older brother, Leo, to pull pranks with, even the hardest times can be fun.

But opening her heart to these weary travelers might just be the key to rebuilding her grieving family. About the Author Sandra Forrester is the author of several historical fiction novels and is also the author of the Beatrice Bailey Magical Adventure series.

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This is her first novel for Knopf. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Alias: Close Quarters Prequel Series 6. View Product. Deciphering a code they find in a library book, best friends for life Amos and Deciphering a code they find in a library book, best friends for life Amos and Dunc stumble onto a burglary ring.

The burglars' next target is the home of Melissa, the girl of Amos's dreams who doesn't even know that Andy Warhol, Prince of Pop.

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The Marilyns. The Electric Chairs. The Flowers. Aug 04, Melissa Dwyer rated it really liked it. Not only does Bayliss need to recover physically from the trauma, but she and her whole family need to become reconciled to the loss of her brother. The loss of a young family member is very, very hard for all concerned, and the author writes about a very traumatic event with sympathy and a clear knowledge of the results and consequences for all concerned.

Set during the Depression in the South and during a time when there were no support groups for grieving families, there is a wonderful sense of people helping other people in the community. After her recovery, Bayliss volunteers in a soup kitchen with the nuns from her school, and begins to learn to come out of herself and help others. Eventually, the whole family learns that much of their healing comes through talking about their loss and their memories of Leo, and taking the girls into the family on a permanent basis.

This is an excellent novel about coping with a terrible loss. Mar 16, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: , brothers-and-sisters-fiction , alabama-history-fiction , grief-fiction , family-life-fiction , grade-5 , grade-6 , great-depression-fiction , catholic-fiction.

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Writing this review weeks after reading so review might be a little sketchy. This was disappointing because when I first started reading this I loved it and was recommending it. Then I finished. Plot summary: Bayliss, a girl growing up in the Depression, is as content as could be until a tragic accident involving her and her beloved brother turns her world inside out.

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The accident affects everyone in the family but, eventually, a rhythm of sorts is established. Then Bayliss' father announces the Writing this review weeks after reading so review might be a little sketchy. Then Bayliss' father announces they will take in two homeless girls. He never discusses it beforehand with anyone--even his wife.

Bayliss naturally resents these interlopers thrust upon her with no warning. But she learns to deal with not only them but all the other issues. I loved Bayliss and liked her family but as the book continues everyone seems to become stock characters. I especially noticed the older sister who was irritatingly perfect.

I have a hard time believing that a teenager, no matter the era, would be so hardworking, docile, considerate of others, and uncomplaining. Everyone became rather unrealistic and that ruined the book for me.

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It had so much potential to be a great character study but author Forrester went the easy route. Nov 16, Mr. Steve rated it really liked it Shelves: great-for-kids , deals-with-death , emotional.

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This book surprised me quite a bit. When I started reading it, I didn't know quite what to expect.

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Leo and the Lesser Lion Paperback – December 14, But as long as Mary Bayliss Pettigrew has her beloved older brother, Leo, to pull pranks with, even the hardest times can be fun. Sandra Forrester deals with serious issues in LEO AND THE LESSER LION, but her characters are so. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. It's a miracle that Mary Bayliss Pettigrew is alive . Everybody in Leo and the Lesser Lion - Kindle edition by Sandra Forrester. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

The prologue already mentions that Leo, Mary's brother, has died and Mary Bayliss miraculously survived. Then we learn the story, slowly, of what happened that afternoon. The power of this story, set during the Great Depression, is in the aftermath of Leo's death - as Mary recovers physically and the family attempts to come to grips with Leo's death.