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They feed primarily on insects that have an aquatic larval stage, such as stoneflies, caddisflies, and mayflies. As such, maternity sites are often located within 3 miles of a large lake or river. Gray bats mate in the fall.

After arousing from hibernation in early spring, females give birth to a single pup in late May or early June. Maternity colonies can number from a few hundred to several thousand individuals. Its body is approximately 3. Conservation Status:. Since gray bats only use caves with certain characteristics, their habitat is naturally restricted.

In fact, less than five percent of all caves in the entire range are suitable for gray bats. These bats also have a tendency to select caves along waterways, many of which are prone to submersion by flood events.

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As with other cave-dependent bats, gray bats are sensitive to disturbance during both pup-rearing and hibernation periods. Human visitation and vandalism of occupied caves is considered to be the primary factor in the decline for this species. White-nose syndrome, a disease that has caused widespread bat declines in eastern North America, has been detected on hibernating gray bats in Tennessee; however, the effects of the disease on the recovery of the species is unknown. Since , the Wildlife Diversity Program has partnered with Rogers State University through ESA Section 6 funding to install protective steel gates and grills on the entrances of important caves used by both gray bats and Ozark big-eared bats.

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Fish and Wildlife Service FWS has sought the cooperation of landowners to allow gating and the posting of warning signs at cave entrances on private land. After the gray bat was listed as Endangered in , the Tennessee Valley Authority sponsored a research and recovery project that resulted in protection of two vitally important maternity sites, the Hambrick and Nickajack caves in Tennessee.

New Fern Cave shelters the world's largest known hibernating gray bat population.

North Carolina Bat Working Group

Hubbards Cave is one of the three most important hibernation caves. A census that same year suggested that conservation efforts were already yielding important results. Before protection, four caves — Hambrick, Nickajack, Cave Springs, and Blowing Wind — were inhabited by a total of , bats. None of the caves supported a nursery colony.

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Each of these caves now supports an expanding nursery colony, and the total population has climbed above , While other important hibernation sites remain unprotected, the momentum for protecting the gray bat is building. Recently, organized caving groups, such as the Tennessee Cave Survey, have identified bat habitats and placed them off-limits to their memberships during sensitive times. Regional Office of Endangered Species U. Fish and Wildlife Service P.

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The gray bat (Myotis grisescens) is a species of microbat endemic to North America. The creature once flourished in caves all over the southeastern United. The gray bat is an endangered species. Endangered Species are animals and plants that are in danger of becoming extinct. Threatened.

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Endangered: Gray Bat

Gray Bat Updated About encyclopedia. Gray Bat gale. Habitat Caves near rivers or lakes. Food Aquatic insects. Reproduction Single young per season. The objective of this study was to gather information on the foraging behavior of gray bats using aerial telemetry. We performed a compositional analysis to determine land cover types selected by gray bats.

Why Is the Gray Bat Endangered?

Female gray bats traveled and foraged over water proportionally more than expected based on availability. Our results show that aerial telemetry is suitable to track bat movements, and given its large home range size, management strategies for gray bats should extend beyond protecting roost sites to include waterways and riparian areas. Additional supporting information may be found in the online version of this article at the publisher's website.

Endangered Gray Bat Benefits from Protection

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