An Exclamation of the Heart

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Heart Exclamation Sticker

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As you can see, exclamation is only the second character in the ASCII list, just after the space and well before the numbers and letters. There are all sorts of exclamation marks; fat, skinny, tall. Round ends, square ends, pointy ends.

Square, round, oval dots. But for signs and other stand-alone purposes, the choice of exclamation is more important. For example, this PowerPoint slide. Like any other character, Word can transform it with different colors, outline, shadow, glow or reflection effects. There are more than one exclamation mark hiding in Word.

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A decorative exclamation mark, where a heart forms the top part of the symbol, and a circle the lower part. Similar to the way to the man in business suit levitating. An Exclamation of the Heart [James Hammond] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is about hope, love, and all the wonderful .

The only problem is that I did not put an argument in the first class. I'm so confused because I don't think I've learned that part yet :.

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And generally said you are not using any arguments in your code You are passing some arguments but you're never actually using them. Maybe you should change your first class like this:. If you use this approach I would advise you to check if the given char-parameter in Class1 is within a certain range of characters so you don't end up processing some chars you newver wanted to But I don't advise this method because dependingon the user input it takes quite long for the program to print out the chars and furthermore it's really hard for the user to give the heart symbol as an input.

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Learn more. First 10 Free. Create a program that will input a heart symbol and will stop at the exclamation mark symbol Call from another class with an argument [closed] Ask Question.

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