A World of Trouble: The White House and the Middle East--from the Cold War to the War on Terror

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If Kasovo is possible then place for Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir is also possible.

Where is this so called piece of paper called "instrument of accession" One bird in hand is better than two birds in the bush. By chasing the Kashmir dream, Pakistan lost the much larger part of its territory in the East, but still doesn't seem to have learned. SKR I am a Kashmiri Pandit and I have seen the fear on the faces of my parents and the horror they faced from the locals and militants alike.

I would never go back to Kashmir, even if offered a billion dollars to do so. R S Chakravarti Give them jobs and they will stop demonstration and go to work, it is all about the economy my friend. A very balanced article though at times it becomes a little emotional. I think it errs in ignoring recent developments on the Indian side of Kashmir.

India never had any alternative to the Abdullahs and the NC and for most of its history, the NC was an unreliable partner. India followed a carrots and sticks policy towards the NC but it had its limitations because at times NC wanted to be independent of both India and Pakistan and other times NC lost all popular support in the valley.

Zak "To this day India has not allowed the world to see the Maharajas 'accession agreement'.

Moreover, that Instrument is a legal document which you can ask to be produced and litigate in the International Court of Justice. Good Luck! I am a Kashmiri from Shopian, I am now 56 yrs old, what I see as the root-cause for the Kashmir issue is the militancy problem. Because of this tourism which was source of livelihood for many Kashmiris has dried up.

The birth rate is also high in Kashmir, youths have no jobs, the centre is reluctant to invest in Kashmir as they consider us to be anti national. All these cracks are taken advantage of by people with devious intentions; youths are misled and they lose their lives, nothing good comes out of this conflict.


There is no justification killing anyone and perhaps 'The only solution is an Independent Kashmir', but the biggest disappointment is civilised nations knowingly ignoring the atrocities in the region! It is accepted that the Indian Govt. Is the situation in your Kashmir or Gilgit-Baltistan very rosy. What about the scene is so called AJK. A good analysis. I could rate it with 5 stars but again vital points are missing in this journey. The development of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and analysis of India not attacking the then 'east Pakistan' which was unguarded in and last not the least, the existing situation of 'Chinese Occupied Kashmir'.

Hope you publish this. My land remains the most highly militarized zone in the world today. Take the guns and bombs away and then ask us which side we want to be on. The mass graves of our own martyrs, all sons of the soil have thousands of stories to tell. But deaf ears do not listen. A great unbiased factual piece highlighting the plight of innocent Kashmiris. Unfortunately as the article rightly states more than a , innocent Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir have lost their lives in a brutal crackdown led by the Indian BSF.

Manohar Thank you for comment, if just your country men like you truly realize the brutal opression Kashmiris have to face. Your comment restore our hopes in India, this brutal opression must stop.

There is no case filed by Hari Singh for Independence. Pakistan will not gain any new territory by plebiscite.

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Excellent article. I have a simple and pragmatic solution to the Kashmir problem. India and Pakistan should trade off territories for lasting peace.

Delhi, August 1947

A World of Trouble: The White House and the Middle East--from the Cold War to the War on Terror [Patrick Tyler] on ductevigu.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Read 22 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The White House and the Middle East—from the Cold War to the strategy--is revealed through amazing insights into the complicated dealings . It ends abruptly with a short and superficial chapter on the George W Bush presidency and the war on terror.

The Muslim population of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir according to the latest report is 85,67, less than the population of Karachi. And these 85 lakhs of Muslims do not even want to join Pakistan. They just want to be free, independent of both countries. When a country wants to be free while two neighbours want to own it, there would always, ALWAYS be fights, wars among the three even if it is free. In the meantime, the government has ruined the lives of two generations of around 15 crore people, just for this Indian occupied country smaller than Karachi population wise.

We have spent close to half a trillion rupees on Kashmir. We have let our two generations of approximately 10 crores die in these 70 years with no education, our cities are in shambles; the condition of our hospitals is so embarrassing. Instead of spending half a trillion rupees on Kashmir, supposing we had spent it on improving our city infrastructures , OR in educating our nation, where would we have been? Ali "A highly biased and one-sided article" Yes of course.

Perhaps because some facts are against what you have learned till now? Read world newspapers and you will see that this author has been professional and unbiased. Jibboo, DItto!

New York, September 30, 2015

Although a very informative article, the first thing I noticed was the lack of reference to cruel displacement of Kashmiri Pundits. Also Pakistan changed the demography of its side of Kashmir. Now like conditions are impossible, which makes plebiscite obsolete. The best way is to accept the status quo and move forward and focus on internal development.

There are more pressing issues than this battle of egos. If a plebiscite happens in Kashmir very soon Baloch people will demand the same; and it may not stop there.

The REAL HISTORY Of TERRORISM (Military War Documentary)

In pursuit of Kashmir, we are becoming almost a failed state. We do not even have enough power to light Karachi, how will we develop Kashmir? We should aim to become a prosperous nation first before taking liability of Kashmir. P S Natarajan Mr. Narayanan under what terms of partition would Kashmir have been granted independence? Please go through the decree of partition first. Nachiket We have almost countries today; It's human nature! This is why there isn't a single world government; each nation is unique. True, the Pakistani state has invoked religious affinities to foster a continuous support within the populace for its policy toward Kashmir.

But it is important to remember the strategic significance that Kashmir has for both Pakistan and India.

See a Problem?

Issues like water resources, I think, lie at the heart of the whole problem. Ideological rhetoric must be supplanted by talks about real strategic interests of both parties so that a dispassionate analysis of the dispute might take place and a negotiated settlement become possible. Arabinda Chakravarty Totally out of context.

The surrender of General Niazi has nothing to do with the historical Kashmir narrative.

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Neither does the massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs in in India. Isn't it time to change tact? I mean you can't keep doing the same thing again and again while expecting a different result. I have to admit that this is a completely truthful and well researched article with no bias towards any side.

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In depth and courageous article by Dawn. This must be bitter pill for many on both sides of the border. Well written Ma'am; if only our history was as well written as this article, we might have been able to convince our young generations to live as better human beings. The subcontinent has been the biggest loser to this madness.

They are all modern creations. It's a dead-end story which has never been solved because it makes billions of dollars for the weapon market of the western world. Let's think of future: 1. Make religion a personal matter.

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Joint attack on poverty through education, healthcare and economic development. A famous dialogue from the film Haider : " When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets destroyed"! But it seems to me that in the Kashmir valley most of the jobs will have to come through tourism. Maybe the IT industry can develop. There are Kashmiri businessmen at all the coastal cities in India where tourists gather.